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An automobile or motor is a wheeled motor vehicle for transportin passengers, that cairies its ain ingine or motor an aw. Maest definitions o the term specify that automobiles ar designed tae run primarily on roads, tae hae seatin for ane tae aicht fowk, tae typically huv fower wheels, an tae be constructed principally for the transport o folk rather than guids.
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Automobile" Craiova/Daewoo The story of Automobile Craiova begins in 1977 when the Romanian government contacted Citroen to establish a joint venture137 to manufacture a certain model of Citroen 138 renamed Oltcit 139." Daewoo" Automobile Romania, 6 ani." Daewoo Automobile Romania.
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Learn More about automobile. Post the Definition of automobile to Facebook Share the Definition of automobile on Twitter Time Traveler for automobile. The first known use of automobile was in 1876. See more words from the same year. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster.
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Similarly the costs to society of car use may include; maintaining roads, land use, air pollution, road congestion, public health, health care, and of disposing of the vehicle at the end of its life; and can be balanced against the value of the benefits to society that car use generates.

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